Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I expected it to feel normal by now, but I beginning to think it never will.

I'm a few days short of eight months pregnant, but my mind is still desperately trying to wrap itself around the fact that my uterus is currently occupied. Even the constant nudges and thumps coming from my tiny human deep inside aren't enough to convince me, though they do manage to take my breath away as I look down and watch the unidentified body parts roll under my skin, realizing for the first time-every time-that there is life growing inside of me.

My prayers have been answered, my dreams really have come true.

And as if simply being pregnant after all this time isn't enough of a blessing, my sister and a close friend hosted my very first baby shower this past weekend, and I was filled with such gratitude as I walked in the door and found the fabulous food:

The adorable homemade favors:

The stunning decor:

The generous gifts:

And the amazing ladies that made this surreal day that much more special:

(my mother and mother-in-law)
(my sister-in-law and mother-in-law)
(my soon to be sister-in-law, mother, grandmother and sister)
(The hostesses; my sister and my Jenny)

And believe it or not, despite the immense love I hold for this child and with being pregnant, there is still a small, vain part of me that looks at these pictures and cringes at the awkward belly poses, extra weight, a massive chest, shiny skin, messy hair, ridiculous-gift-opening-faces and surprisingly close encounters with views up my dress, and the fact that my bump was not impressive enough for the audience so I was given a couch pillow to make for more dramatic pictures:

But a much bigger part of me sees pure happiness despite the many flaws.

I still wake up every day and thank the Lord for allowing me to grow this child, in a prayer of gratitude that I hope I'll never loose sight of as long as I live. To me, this child will forever be a true miracle, proof that God is still in the business of answering prayers and that His timing is always perfect; and to be able to experience this shower was literally the icing on top of the cake.

A rich display of love, hard work, and affection from just a small part of an unbelievable group of loved ones who have waited and prayed for this tiny human with us for the past several years; watching as God managed to conform infertility into the biggest blessing of all.

And a constant reminder that God is awesome, faithful, and good.


"A few years' experience will convince us that those things which-at the time they happened-we regarded as our greatest misfortunes have proved our greatest blessings."
-George Mason


  1. So gorgeous! Fabulous dress. The shower looked so precious. Can't wait to see that sweet little baby in all of those gifts!

  2. You look GOREGOUS!!! Love the dark hair on you. Your getting close! Everything looked absolutly amazing!

  3. You look so amazing! Pregnancy does certainly agree with you! Your shower looks like it was great and I hope you got everything you ever wanted! LOVE those owl cookies!

  4. What a fun shower! Those are memories you will cherish forever. You look fabulous!

  5. I agree that pregnancy certainly agrees with you :) You look wonderful! Looks like a great day celebrating your little one.

  6. You look beautiful! Looked like a wonderful shower!

  7. Aw! I wish I could have been there!! I'm definitely going to be at the one on the 26th though :)

  8. You look BEAUTIFUL!!
    How exciting that you had your first shower!!
    Sounds like a wonderful day filled with friends and family :)

  9. so fun- and you look perfect. seriously girl!

  10. You look beautiful! Looks like it was a blast! So happy for you!

  11. Tab, HOW did I miss this post?!
    It's five days old and I'm just now seeing it in my updates. Ugh!
    Several thougts are competing for space in my brain, but here are the highlights...
    1. You are GORGEOUS. The skin, the hair, the dress, the baby bump, the smile - absolutely beautiful. I hope you realized the rest of the world would kill to look like you any old day.
    2. What an adorable shower. The food and decorations looked like so much time and thought went into them. I know those girls love you to death.
    3. I saw your rocker! It looks so comfortable and like it even might recline. Nice. The color is great too!
    4. Do you think you could please move to KS and buy a house next to me? Pleeeeeease. We have 3 for sale on our street. Okay, it's not going to happen, but a girl can dream.

    The time is upon us. Pretty soon we'll be sharing birth stories. It's a thrill and an honor to experience this with you. Hope you enjoy organizing those gifts!

  12. I'm all caught up and SO EXCITED!! Your shower looked lovely...it won't be long now!! :)

  13. Tab! I can't believe I'm just reading this post today. WOW---- what a special, special day. Your baby shower- what!?!? :) How amazing. Girl you looked beautiful. And of course I loved everything you wrote- I can absolutely relate and appreciate where you are in this season. WOW-- 8 months!

  14. Tab, you are STUNNING! I love your dark hair; you really look absolutely beautiful. Congrats on the great shower - it looks like you all had a great time :)