Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{14w1d Round 2}

 The tech that did our NT scan last week said that I had the sweetest, calmest, most cooperative child she had ever seen.
And I was shocked.   

Given the actual morning sickness this time, and the extreme exhaustion, I would have swore this was going to be my wild child.  Scarlett Grace gave me the most amazing pregnancy, the perfect birth, was sleeping through the night at five weeks, was a champ breast feeder, and really never gave us any problems.  She's polite-for the most part-smart, adorable, and pretty much perfect (to me).  So naturally I just assumed this second blessing would be my crazy one.

And it still may be.

But the technician and I spend the extra time we had-since she was able to take the measurements needed in record time due to the reserved, cooperative angel in my uterus-marveling at the sweetness and gentleness that was just radiating off of this child.  I'm so in awe of how God can take a single cell and turn it into this moving, breathing, precious little life. 

My sweet, calm baby.
Can you see the adorable face over to the right?  And the tiny torso in the middle, with the precious arms on either side and the little knees at the left?

Now that it's all becoming real, I wonder who this little one will be.  What they will look like, how their personality will develop, and who they will become.  I am so blessed to have the responsibility of growing and leading their heart, and I know I will only fall more in love when I start to feel them move and watch them-and me-grow from the outside.

What an amazing process God has created our bodies for!  To think that inside of me right now, there is life growing.  I will never get over how incredible it is to be a part of something so incredible, something only God can establish, despite our best efforts of medical procedures, potions, and science.  

The nausea has disappeared, and my energy is back.  I no longer have a desire for bagels and cream cheese, and even frappuccinos can't temp me.  Which is surprising, because I recently discovered a snickers frappuccino-a java chip frappuccino with a few pumps of toffee nut syrup-and it's good. 

Also, I still have no idea if this little one is a boy or girl, but the truth is I really couldn't care less. Giving Scarlett a sister would be ideal, especially since they'll have to share a room in our two bedroom duplex for a while.  And everyone knows there's nothing cuter in this world than baby girl frocks and hair accessories.  But giving my husband a son would be amazing too, and raising a little man would outweigh the cons of the difficulty of finding little boys clothes that aren't covered in strange sayings, puppy dogs, or frogs.

And this time around, I don't care if I gain more than the suggested thirty five pounds, end up with swollen ankles, or even stretch marks. 

Because I love being pregnant.

Seriously; best job ever.

Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.
Carrie Fisher


  1. SO glad it went well!! Glad you are feeling better too!! SO exciting!

  2. Aww. Best job ever - that sums it up perfectly!:) Your baby is beautiful. Glad to hear everything's going so, so well. I pray for you and your lo everyday. Hope he/she continues to be a calmer baby, just because I know that'd be easier for you with all you have going on lately;) And I hear you on the gender - we feel the exact same way! Although I am super curious/anxious to find out, infertility really does make you simply appreciate that a life's growing inside of you doesn't it? Each one's such a miracle. Have you decided whether or not to find out this time?

  3. I've read your blog/followed your story for awhile, but I just have never commented. This post just gave me chills. What an amazing story you have! I just wanted you to know that you inspire me and make me want to listen to God and just be... God plans are amazing!

  4. Hey baby!!! Goodness, you are so loved and wanted and prayed for and just darn precious! You stay calm. One day, you can come play with my little serious guy. Y'all can calmly study the world. And then, change it. To God be the Glory!!!!

  5. What sweet pictures. I feel like everyone is moving on to their second/third child and I feel stuck dealing with infertility, again. Don't get me wrong, I am SO grateful for my little toddler, but my heart still aches to make him a big brother. I know it's all in God's hands. And I have a lot of faith that it will happen in His time. :)

  6. I randomly decided to check your blog and was so suprised and SO happy to read that you are expecting! Congratulations! your story makes me smile and gives me so much faith!