Sunday, January 23, 2011


I asked for this.

I've had the most amazing pregnancy ever. Not a single complaint surrounded my perfect first and second trimester, free of vomit, sleepless nights, major weight gain, aches, pains and frustrations. My barely there belly was sort of low and distorted, but other than that, I was on cloud nine.

And still am.

But suddenly, at the wake of my third trimester and the graduation of hitting double digits before this little love arrives, I've acquired the pregnancy jackpot.

My regular clothes no longer fit, and I have trouble breathing when I bend down to put my shoes on. I have this strange cramping pain in my upper back-but only on the right side-every night after 6pm. And suddenly it's normal to look down in constant horror at my swollen feet, ankles, and knees. The flesh around my ribcage is sore to the touch, most likely because I'm expanding rapidly as my used to be low rider uterus is deciding to work it's way up into my abdomen, and someone pointed out the dark slash on my face as being a pregnancy mask.

And is it just me, or is it a little insane to gain seven pounds in a week?

I could blame it on the sudden massive bodily water retention, but that sort of sounds like a really lame excuse.

I can't wait to see what the doctor says about this. Hopefully he'll look past it all and just marvel at how I passed my two hour glucose test with flying colors last week (and then celebrated with a frappachino). Maybe he'll be nice and tell me that it's normal to become a whale overnight. Or if I'm lucky, he'll find a surprise second baby hidden in there somewhere, explaining all of this madness and granting us a sort of buy-one-get-one-free deal.

I could get really upset about this weight gain, because all joking aside, this really is very bad. And I could get frustrated with the fact that I've jumped-no, flew-from the barely pregnant stage to the other side of the tracks in a matter of seven days.

But I have to remember that my body is being invaded by a precious, tiny little human. And while that's no excuse to harm us both with excessive weight gain, it's understandable that things may happen to my body that are out of my control. I knew it was only a matter of time before this season of perfection came to and end, and was replaced with the normal aches and pangs-and extra fluid-of pregnancy.

So I refuse to starve myself in attempt to loose those sudden seven pounds, but I will eat better. And I will not run myself into the ground as a form of punishment, but I will commit to at least thirty minutes of physical activity every day. And I will marvel at how quickly my body is able to change shape, enjoy the way it feels to waddle, and take pride in the fact that my used-to-be-too-skinny-feet are now filling out nicely.

Because I asked for this.

"Feeling fat last nine months, but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever."
-Nikki Dalton


  1. Ah. The joy of the third trimester. It gets better too. I know you can't wait for that! I gained 7 pounds in one week too. It happens. The good news is that all that water weight (and it's not an excuse) will go away when little one arrives. People would ask me if I minded it when strangers would touch my belly (which actually didn't happen alot; I'm not all that approachable apparently) and I would say heck no! It's not my body anymore. The baby's in charge. And now you know exactly how that feels! :-)

  2. Only 7lbs., girl that's nothing:) I gained that much over this past weekend, and there's no bambino to blame:) Does that make you feel better?!? :)

    All joking aside, have you tried to reduce your sodium intake. When I was about as far along as you with Jackson, I gained 10lbs. in a week and was swollen like a puffer fish. It was insane. My doctor immediately put me on a restricted sodium diet. I basically ate like I had gestational diabetes even though I didn't. I thought it would be so hard, but it made me feel soooo much better. Now don't get me wrong, I still ate ice cream almost every night! But, it helped. I kept my water weight down, and I felt better:)

  3. Thats great about your Diabetes test...You look great..I can imagine its very different for you, but you are growing a big strong healthy baby!

  4. You look adorable!! Isn't it crazy how your body can just change SO fast! But amen you did ask and pray for this! :) So... even though gaining 7lbs in one week isn't what you every expected-- it amazing that the reason your body is taking on that extra water weighti t b/c you are having a sweet, miraculous, precious babe!!

  5. You look amazing and it sounds like you feel great as well! It is all worth it for that precious little one :)

  6. Sounds like little one had a growth spurt!! Yay!
    And just because you have wanted this for a long time doesn't mean you aren't allowed to complain every now and then! We understand!
    Being infertile will put things into perspective...but, it doesn't change the fact that childbirth hurts, you get tired and frustrated with a crying newborn, breastfeeding is hard and hurts at first, and your hormones take a crazy dip after birth. I say this to give you permission to complain if you need to! We know that you are the most grateful mommy in the world.
    Hugs to you and that GORGEOUS baby bump,

  7. honestly I don't think 26lbs in 26 weeks is bad. If you said you had gained 60lbs in 26weeks I might be concerned if I were you, but thus far it's actually really normal. I know plenty of very healthy and small girls who put on 40, 50 and even 60 lbs in pregnancy, while working out and eating healthy. And they have all gone back to their normal and fabulous selves.

    If I were you I would try really hard not to think so much about the weight. I had weeks when I gained 5 and 6 lbs in one week. In the end you will birth a baby and you will get smaller. And if you don't get as small as you want, you can work at getting where you do. :)

  8. ps not suggesting you will gain 60, just saying if you do, there is still plenty of hope :)

  9. I enjoy reading your blog and your personality that shines through it. I gave you an award on my blog. I hope this third trimester isn't too uncomfortable for you.

  10. I think you look so great!! I gained over 50 lbs. I think you're doing pretty darn good:)

  11. i think you are looking totally skinny, honestly ;-) i love how you have been documenting and reflecting :)

  12. seven shmeven. you look fab.

    are you doing maternity pics? i really hope you do!!!

  13. You look great! I gained 16 pounds in one week at the end of my first pregnancy. Not. even. kidding. They actually had me step on the scale again after my appointment just to make sure it was accurate. How embarrassing. Don't stress out about the weight gain. Even though I know it's hard not to. (You will be surprised at how fast it falls off. Especially if you plan on breast feeding). You look great! Come over to my blog if you need to see some huge prego pics to make yourself feel better. :) I love the quote by the way!